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Shantha Shankar

Directress and Founder

She is a certified Montessori facilitator and has spearheaded Darwin
since its launch in 2015.


Montessori education has been her passion and belief system since the first time of experiencing
it as a parent with the birth of her daughter. She volunteered to learn to raise her daughter as an
independent individual and fell in love with the Montessori method. It was exactly then she knew
it would eventually become her career.

Shantha is a passionate educator whose leadership approach is deeply rooted in the collaborative
and facilitative nature of the Montessori pedagogy. She aims to make a positive difference in the
lives of children. As a result of this, Darwin now has an open-hearted environment which
encourages children to build independence and social skills as well as be supportive of their
curiosities and self-expression.

@ Darwin

Now, what really makes a teacher is
love for the human child; for it is
love that transforms the social duty
of the educator into the higher
consciousness of a mission.


Darwin is supported by experienced and compassionate teachers. They all
hold top Montessori and ICSE credentials such as AMI/CMTC with excellent
communication skills.

Hiring the most talented and dedicated teachers and maintaining 2 teachers
for every classroom is our method of ensuring every child gets the attention
he/ she deserves. With this our aim is to offer an enriched, educational
environment as your child’s home away from home.

This means only intelligent, high-energy, passionate yet patient individuals can
work in both our Montessori and ICSE programs. Hard to find? Yes—we go the
extra mile during our interview process. But then that’s our responsibility:
finding the best possible individuals to guide your child during their critical
early years.


Parents @ Darwin

Our parents believe that Montessori and ICSE education is a magic blend.
The environment inspires love for learning and as a result, children at
Darwin thrive in elementary school and beyond.

We are blessed with a wonderful parent community. Our parents
demonstrate respect for all adults and children in our community, the
school, and the school’s programs and policies. Our parents are immersed
in this system and consciously know that their involvement plays a huge
impact for their child to experience holistic schooling. Our mixed aged
classrooms, collaborative environment, peace education and prioritizing
happiness is all that they look forward to as well.

Our parents truly know that learning doesn’t stop at school. They put in all
the efforts to nurture, flourish and prepare their child for her future
education. We are grateful for the parents believing in us!